Took my daughter here for a check up. Mr Dowdall was very professional and respectful in addressing myself and my daughter. He was thorough in his assessment of her eyes and previous scans done by other optometrists.

Cuan Stephens Avatar Cuan Stephens

Friendly, caring and qualified staff were a pleasure to deal with - and no-one tried to sell me anything, which was refreshing. I will be very happy to return for my next appointment.

Sara Bowen Avatar Sara Bowen

Great Service and Exceptional Staff - Thoroughly Recommended - Penny And having endured another optometry business in Harvey Bay, I can tell you straight… Greg Luke’s business is extremely well run and has no tricks …. A great company!

Penelope Edwards Avatar Penelope Edwards

Staff and the optometrist were friendly, thorough and very professional. Everything from making the appt, reminders, day of the appt and follow-up for when my glasses came in was top notch. Very happy with the service and love my bright coloured complimentary cases, they are so easy to find compared to my previous cases 😁

R Coffs Avatar R Coffs

Luke is a very professional Optometrist - easy to talk to and knowledgeable.

Sally Herdegen Avatar Sally Herdegen

Excellent service and on time for the appointment. He clarified my queries about diminishing vision, gave a thorough examination and wrote an updated script. Staff very helpful and friendly.

Greg Kennedy Avatar Greg Kennedy

Always greeted with a smile and desired result achieved. Would never chose to go elsewhere 🙌👏👏👏

Natalie Schoeffel Avatar Natalie Schoeffel

Love my new glasses. Quick and cheap compared with WA prices. I'm happy.

Kenn Crosby Avatar Kenn Crosby

Best optometry clinic in Coffs area. Family run with that old fashioned customer service. My son and I have a habit of breaking our glasses and these guys have come to our rescue several times. Lenses are ground on-site so you can get your glasses quickly.

John Boulas Avatar John Boulas

Very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. I personally recommend them to anyone who requires assistance from their profession.

Steve Ritson Avatar Steve Ritson

Was a pleasure to go too.. Fantastic results. Affordable too..

Craig Benedetti Avatar Craig Benedetti

Very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. I personally recommend them to anyone who requires assistance from their profession.

Steve Ritson Avatar Steve Ritson

I cannot think of anything negative to say about this place ! The people and the service is second to none. So do yourself a favour, and go to Medioptics ! ;)

Ned Jenkins Avatar Ned Jenkins

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Roy Mackaway Avatar Roy Mackaway

Used Greg for the first time this year - fantastic. No nonsense, no hard sell, quick, efficient, and friendly. Have previously used SpecSavers - there is no sensible comparison. Greg is more expensive, but way better service.

rick van der Zwan Avatar rick van der Zwan

Very good practice and I would strongly refer other people to go there.

Robert Rose Avatar Robert Rose

I've been going to this practice for many years and have always had wonderful service. I was a little apprehensive when Greg retired, but it has become even better now.

Chris Shirley Avatar Chris Shirley

Great team - authentically caring people! Greg was awesome, and I was wondering how things would be since he left but have much appreciated the new energy and the consistent care from the reception team

Medicine Woman Avatar Medicine Woman

I’ve used Greg for 3 years now - stupidly went to specsavers once in that time. Bad mistake. Now keep all my eye business with Greg and his team. It may be more expensive than SS, but the quality and service don’t even compare. I’d highly recommend you keep it all with a local business, and Greg’s is the best (don’t even talk to me about the smelly smoker at OPSM that gives the worst customer service too)

Scott Avatar Scott

The team at Medioptics are super friendly and ultra helpful. They won't try and upgrade your lense options to extras you don't need.

Megan Kelly Avatar Megan Kelly